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However, after huge pressure from 16 Jewish leaders from 14 Jewish organizations, (there are thousands of them), and Israel’s recalcitrance, Obama dropped his demand only 2 months later.

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But rather, Obama brought a cadre of journalists and photographers on April 1, 2010, to a White House Jewish Passover Seder, complete with a myriad of his Jewish staff.This would confirm my hypothesis that the on-board equipment was affected by the distorted satellite signal, and the pilots thought they were much higher.Especially as the crew almost to the end used the autopilot, which should be deactivate (or disabled), approaching the landing - explains Strassenburg Kleciak. Soon it will be two months after the Smolensk disaster.Klich discloses further “revelations” from the black boxes recordings. The culminant period for lies will probably take place just before presidential elections.It will “become apparent” - as you might expect - that President Kaczynski and his wife Maria forced the pilots to commit suicide. From Klich’s trite statements it appears that Arkadiusz Protasiuk brought the aircraft below the amount of decision-making (for Smolensk-Siewiernyj airport is about 70 m), although the 80-meter co-pilot had to say “go, giving a signal to break the descent of the machine.The series showed schoolchildren openly smoking and drinking beer, harassing their classmates and snubbing teachers, and even having sex.

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