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On the contrary, for a private enterprise, it is profit for the shareholders; it has to think about profit while involved in awarding contracts for procurement.

Because of this clear cut dichotomy, it is not surprising that even vendors are divided into those who serve the public sector and those who provide services to the private sector.

We narrowed our list of openers to the three below: Our hypothesis was that “Hey ___, how’s it going?No matter, how you look at private and public enterprise, in the end you have to veer around the view that both are doing some sort of business.Yes, I agree that public enterprise has to ‘appear’ fair and just in even, how and to who it awards contracts.Additionally, a best practice is to use a dev instance (Splunk offers a free 50GB/day Developer’s license for a renewable 6-month term). It may have looked like we were having success but the truth in the matter is, everyone gets rejected at some point. We found out the average time to respond was over 581.74 minutes (~9.7 hours! But we were also able to use a ton of cool custom visualizations from Splunkbase, like a Heat Map and a Word Cloud of the most frequently appearing names. At the end of the day, we found out that dating is hard work even with the help of software.For our files, it was very challenging and inefficient to run a single regex to pull out the fields we wanted, so we split them apart and wrote two extractions instead—get Data and candidate_number. Another thing we found out, don’t be afraid of rejection. We also learned to think bigger than just IT and security of how Splunk can help you solve any kind of problem.” would get the most responses because it is personalized, engaging and simple.

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