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The buildings were made of heavy granite blocks, stacked tightly together.

Mnangagwa feels that reviving the commercial agriculture sector is vital, according to the documents.They suspected that Mnangagwa, nicknamed The Crocodile, already saw himself in the shoes of Mugabe, 93 years old, increasingly frail and the only leader the southern African nation has known since it gained independence from Britain in 1980. According to politicians, diplomats and a trove of hundreds of documents from inside Zimbabwe’s Central Intelligence Organization (CIO) reviewed by Reuters, Mnangagwa and other political players have been positioning themselves for the day Mugabe either steps down or dies.Officially, Mugabe is not relinquishing power any time soon.It was the dividing line between the rich and the rest. First, remnants of exotic items from overseas were found within the enclosure.Second, no evidence of cooking was found within the walled area.Tremendous stone houses were constructed by the peasants for their kings.

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