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"Men are not coming to us and asking for a much younger model."Finding the right age match is not the only challenge that men on today's fast-paced, often cut-throat dating scene must contend with, however.

Many men also struggle when it comes to emotional intimacy."Older women are good at keeping female friendships, at networking and at keeping up with their favourite activities," says Kurland. They can become a bit isolated if they have been widowed or made redundant."I think it comes down to confidence.

Whatever threats and challenges the dating world throws out, Kurland has one piece of advice that applies to all men: "If you like someone," she says.

You know by now that no one is safe from Cairo Scene. A man knows what he wants and goes after it no matter what and is strong minded and ambitious, with his career being the priority in his early twenties.

Griff, a 26-year-old farmer from Shropshire, grew up in a male-dominated household.

"We're mad Welsh rugby fans so [most] of the chat is about that," he says.

"After a 20-year relationship, I began online dating," he says.

"I was talking to girls in their 20s because those were the ones I felt most attracted to. All they wanted to do was send me titillating pictures of themselves.

"When you get to a certain age, you start to creak at the seams.

An Egyptian man will add her on BBM or What’s App and then arrange her to meet him and a load of his friends at a club, so he can look going in with the girl, hopefully get her drunk and make a move on her when he has to drive her back in time for her curfew. A man understands the need to be courteous and gentlemanly and lets the woman know that he can take care of her but she doesn’t someone to.

He will always offer to pay for dinner but won’t constantly force the woman to put her wallet back in her purse as the relationship continues.

The course of true love never did run smooth – and especially not for men, it seems.

New research suggests that, when it comes to the minimum and maximum ages that men and women consider acceptable for a new sexual partner, women tend to opt for someone of similar maturity; men, however, are less willing to restrict themselves.

An Egyptian man will start a fight with any man who so much tries to talk to his woman when they’re out.

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