Dating ex show treme tv


Not that change is always bad, or as dire as it may seem — look at Annie and Sonny and how they’re both older, wiser and better off than before.

But in the penultimate episode of season one, Creighton threw himself off the ferry after spending a day soaking in the city he loved, revealing his previous anger to be a sign of darker and more personal distress than his fiery video blog indicated, and Davis revealed his ability to put his self-righteousness aside when necessary in favor of self-interest.

Parents need to know that this dramatic and mature series -- which features the residents of the Treme neighborhood in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina -- includes potentially disturbing scenes of the storm’s aftermath, including flood damage and military patrols.

The HBO series contains lots of profanity (“ass,” “damn,” “bitch,” “p---y,” “s--t,” “f--k”), and the N -word is occasionally audible.

Look at Delmond (Rob Brown), welcoming a new child into the world and accepting that he may not be able to live in New Orleans full time, but that he’ll keep one foot there and one in New York.

Look at Toni (Melissa Leo), filing a new lawsuit on behalf of another wronged family, and still sitting down to joke with the sheriff at lunch.

Their stories have so diverged that I’d almost forgotten they started the series a couple in an unhealthy relationship, Sonny struggling with a drug habit and the fact that his girlfriend was able to outshine him musically.

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