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An awesome script, very beautifully portrayed…all the actors gave in the best. I never watch his before, but i fall in love in him now! never get enough about Joong Hee and Mi Young's love story..... They are my favorite couple, congrats And be happy! Lee Joon as Ryoo Tae-Oh (Gapdong) and Ma Suk-Woo (Woman with a Suitcase) are like totally different person from Ahn Joong-Hee. This one is going straight to my library to watch AGAIN & AGAIN. I will miss waiting for the weekends to catch up with the Lee/Byun family and Actor Ahn!

Each girl’s dream to have boyfriend/ lover /husband’s like this or like that, where as I would say one should have a husband - combination of Byun han soo, Ahn Joong hee, Chu Jung hwan, Byun Joon young, Park and Na Young Sik and intelligent as Na Miha – man that would be awesome. Plus - I get to know that actors really haven't an easy job. Those 2 were the one i rooted and love in the dramas. Unlike some overrated famous actor who carry the same expression and way of talking in different roles which sometimes make me confuse that I am watching another different drama. One of the most amazing life like portrayals of family life shown on TV. This drama is so good and Lee Joon is so hot as always.

I was most disgusted by ignorant and nasty comments sneering at Mother Na Young-Sil's finding a suspicious growth in her breast. While I understand the need to step up the angst and then have a happy end, am missing the carefree and goofy Ahn joo hee and his efforts to navigate the family life like a lost child.There are no dull moments thay I found myself looking forward every episode. Good job to those who are behind this successful drama. The character she plays has a twin so in the drama she is playing two roles and gets revenge on the people that did her wrong. The best part is that u will love all the characters.. I am downloading all the episodes first once it is completed before watching any drama because I hate the idea of waiting every episode hahaha ... Am sure they will be one of the best couples at KBS Drama Awards 2017.It is so fresh and heartwarming that you will love and empathize with every character (especially Byun Hye Young, her character totally rocked in this drama). Her acting is really good in the drama I totally recommend. anyways the 52 episodes really just gone like that and I am still looking for the next episode. The story is really that amazing i mean it's true to life that everyone can relate for . Hope LJ and JSM will make another drama in the future..pleaaaase....I didn’t understand the meaning but sure it will touch one’s soul – master piece Thanks to writer Lee Jung Sun, Director Lee Je Sang and KBS for giving a mind blowing drama – Congrats I am sorry if I had forgotten any one – all did Justice Guys, as a result I did lean few words in Korean Wanted to congratulate you guys Thumbs Up guys……… Never watching a long drama again, watchin it since 3 days, can't do anything else. The writer of this show deserves all the awards bcoz they kept us hooked till the end. Am not sure I will ever make a time commitment to watch a weekend drama after this. This drama can't end, there has to be a 2nd season, I need to know what happened!! Overall, all the cast did a splendid job and I will miss this drama dearly.If you're looking for a family drama, you will not be disappointed in this one.Everything's working out okay and that just means the end is near, am so sad!!! Maybe they could have reduced the episodes slightly and tightened the whole storyline and focused more on the JH and Mi Young track sweet moments.

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