Dating a greek girl

Alternatively, a Greek-American man who had tried unsuccessfully for many years to appease his parents by dating only Greek girls gave it up because as he said, “They’re all crazy.” He is now happily married to an Irish-German very American woman “with no hang ups.”From what I have heard from guy friends, both Greek and non-Greek who date Greek women, the verdict is that Greek girls are wracked with insecurities, jealousies, petty disagreements, that present major challenges to relationships for guys who want just a laid-back, live-and-let-live type of relationship.

“My girlfriend would drive me crazy,” Jack confessed.

Thus arose the idea of a female madness related to the lack of a normal sexual life: Plato, in , argues that the uterus is sad and unfortunate when it does not join with the male and does not give rise to a new birth, and Aristotle and Hippocrates were of the same opinion [2–4].

The Euripidy’s myth says that a collective way of curing (or, if we prefer, preventing) melancholy of the uterus is represented by the Dionysian experience of the Maenads, who reached catharsis through wine and orgies [5].

The Greek physician provides a good description of hysteria, which is clearly distinguished from epilepsy.

He emphasizes the difference between the compulsive movements of epilepsy, caused by a disorder of the brain, and those of hysteria due to the abnormal movements of the uterus in the body.

If you have, then you probably feel like you will need a guide to dating her. Greek women often make great girlfriends for a lot of reasons.

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But there might be a basis for understanding some of the extremes in Greek women’s reactions and “neuroses” especially as they manifest in romantic relationships.

If you have been lucky to date, marry or related to a Greek woman, you might have heard the stereotypes—“she’s hysterical,” “she makes a big deal out of nothing,” “She’s a nut job,” “she’s a drama queen.” Are these stereotypes true? And if there is some truth to some of these observations about Greek girl behavior, where do they come from?

From anecdotal accounts, it would seem that out of every three Greek women, one can be characterized as “intense.” An American friend who had a long-standing relationship with a Greek-American woman characterized Greek girls as “complicated”, “full of issues,” and “problematic.” He eventually killed the relationship because he just could not handle the extreme emotionality of his partner.

Then, he resumes the idea of a restless and migratory uterus and identifies the cause of the indisposition as poisonous stagnant humors which, due to an inadequate sexual life, have never been expelled.

He asserts that a woman’s body is physiologically cold and wet and hence prone to putrefaction of the humors (as opposed to the dry and warm male body).

For this reason, the uterus is prone to get sick, especially if it is deprived of the benefits arising from sex and procreation, which, widening a woman’s canals, promote the cleansing of the body.

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