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As his hand grasped the strange artifact he noticed it felt cold to the touch and warm at the same time. Even planeswalkers cannot compare to their power, we can't even touch them.

Made of the volcanic range Vondaria and the Guum Wilds.The potent mana, powerful artifacts, and beautiful landscape made Zendikar the plane to visit for planeswalkers to hone their craft.This contributed to Zendikar becoming one of the most thriving civilizations in the pre-mending era.On the podium was black stone in the shape of a heart; not the hearts that lovers use to show their love, but a real heart. " Agorn become enraged, his hands naturally went back to their aggressive posture.Although it was completely dark it emanated a strange black light which allowed it to be seen clearly in the dark room. "That is correct." The planeswalker said matter of factly. His black apparel, pale face, almost dead white hair, even the aura of his presence seemed dark.Following the narrow corridor using only his fingertips on the cavern wall to guide him he soon broke through to a larger room.

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