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Tony Lares told Pérez that Shelly performed Tejano music—a mixture of traditional Mexican folk music, polkas and country music sung in Spanish or English. The elder Quintanilla feared that allowing Pérez in the group might affect his daughter Selena's "perfect image" and ruin her career. Chris Perez reported that the officers were lying, but decided not to pursue the matter because it would be "[his] word against theirs." Several months after his arrest, he was sharing a hotel room with two road crew members of Selena y Los Dinos when the two brothers (who were intoxicated), began wrestling.Chris disliked Tejano music and wrote in To Selena, With Love that he joined Shelly's band with "foot-dragging resistance" because this job paid more than working at the library. Chris was also drunk and joined in the rough horseplay.On March 31, 1995 Selena was killed by her former friend and former manager of her boutiques, Yolanda Saldívar.Selena's murder greatly devastated Pérez, who began abusing drugs and alcohol.Pérez continued in the music business and often played with his brother-in-law A.B.'s groups, the Kumbia Kings and the Kumbia All Starz.Selena's father, Abraham Quintanilla, Jr., forced them to end their relationship because he felt Pérez' image might damage Selena's career.

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On the morning of April 2, 1992, Selena pounded on his hotel-room door.Selena insisted her father would never accept their relationship, and would not attend any wedding they planned.Chris became a fully accepted member of the Quintanilla family after the marriage, and Abraham Sr.During the early 1990s, Pérez was arrested for driving under the influence in San Antonio, but was released without charge.Within months of his first arrest, Pérez was involved in a trashed-hotel-room incident; he and two members of Selena y Los Dinos were intoxicated and began wrestling in a room, breaking the door and punching holes in the walls.That year, Pérez formed the Chris Pérez Band and began writing songs for their debut album.

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