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Construction was started in 1988 and the first motorcycle was built in 1990.At that time, Triumph had fewer than 50 employees and produced around five bikes a day.One of the most salient features of the machines and manufacturing process is the so-called ‘modular concept’, which means that most of the major components are interchangable across the range.Basic engine configurations are 749cc triple (76mmx55mm); 885cc triple (76x65mm) and 1180cc four (76x65mm).It will provide a picture record of the models built by the Hinckley factory since it started production in 1991 model year, as well as reference information.If you have any information/photos which you would like contribute, please send them to me.

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They work in two shifts, from 7am to 11pm, producing around 80 bikes per day for 35 different countries around the world.

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In order to be successful he felt that he needed to provide a very reliable machine, using as many top-quality off-the-shelf parts as possible, and manufacturing the rest with the most modern tooling and best materials available at the time.

Quality and efficiency have been the watch-words right from the start and continue to be the defining characteristics of the firm.

Also Kit of fame used to host it on his site back in the day.

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