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Tommy Robinson has been arrested after he attempted “to video Muslims” outside a court.

The former English Defence League leader shared a video claiming he was being arrested on his official Facebook account on Wednesday morning.

The company, which also has offices in Sandwich and Heathrow, has grown turnover by more than £60 million in the last 22 years.

Its forthcoming administration comes as output in the construction sector slumped in the run up to the EU referendum, down 2.1% in May compared to a month earlier according to the Office for National Statistics.

“There is no one who is a complete success in their life in which everything is right.

“Therefore the love of Christ is universal for all people irrespective of who they are and the Church has to find a way of expressing that.” He also acknowledged that the question of how the Church would respond to gay clergy who have defied a ban by marrying their partners was “a really difficult” situation.

The Archbishop spoke this week of how the church must face up to its part in the mistreatment of gay and lesbian people.

But the new guidance also described the gay lifestyle as “less than God’s ideal”, an Anglican euphemism for “sin”.

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Its fall comes despite boosting turnover by more than £25 million to £67.6 million in the year to March 2015, helped by contracts with Rolls Royce, BMW and Johnson and Johnson.Housing construction fell 3.2% over the same period, falling in every month this year apart from February.Mark Quinn, managing director of Canterbury developer Quinn Estates, said: "Cardy is a great company and this is really sad."Hopefully something can be rescued in this situation to enable them to continue to employ hundreds of people."Brexit will have had an effect, with increased build costs and a lack of forward orders coming through."I think there is a recession coming because people have put things on hold for the last five months because of the referendum."Cardy Construction Limited is owned by parent company Cardy Group Holdings Limited, also based in Canterbury, which is not going into administration.“The Archbishop voted against the Same-Sex Marriage Act in the House of Lords last year.” Speaking about his own faith he added: “I started with coming to faith many years ago by the understanding that Jesus loved me unconditionally despite my failures.That I know is true, and I want a Church that expresses that.” Pressed on whether he was suggesting that gay people are “failures”, he said: “No I’m not saying that at all, but all people are failures in many different ways.The Archbishop voted against David Cameron’s Same-Sex Marriage Act in the House of Lords last year, saying that he feared it “weakened” the family and society.

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