Blogger feedburner not updating


Doing so will help you know your RSS subscriber count, what feed readers are they using and how often are they clicking the items in your feed.

You can also consider changing your default autodiscovery tags in the Blogger header.

Q: I have two different blogs but want to offer one consolidated feed.

Does Feed Burner allow combining of multiple feeds into one ?

Then send this list via email to Feed Burner support ([email protected]) and they’ll import your Feed Blitz subscribers into Feed Burner.

Once the migration is complete, do remember to change the code of email subscription form on your website from Feed Blitz to Feed Burner and then deactivate Feed Blitz syndication. My Feed Burner feed address is

If yes, this unofficial Feed Burner FAQ guide should answer most of your queries that you may have as a Feed Burner publisher.

You will also learn some tips to improve the visibility of your RSS feeds.

[Feed Blitz vs Feed Burner]A: Goto your Feed Blitz control panel and export the list of email subscribers as an OPML file.

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Feed Burner offers a 301 redirect to RSS readers so most of them will know that the feed has moved permanently to a new location and they’ll start fetching the new feeds. After 30 days, the old “boring” feed will return a 404. A: You are lucky because both the services are owned by the same company and offer excellent integration.

Q: How do I add advertise my Feed Burner feed in GMail or Yahoo! A: Grab the Headline Animator graphic here and then follow the guide to embed HTML Image Signatures in GMail. First, you can redirect your Blogger feed effortlessly to a Feedburner feed as described here.

Q: I want to create different feeds for each Word Press Category / tags or Search Label in Blogger. But there’s a small trick that will make your category feeds looks consistent.

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