Bind master slave not updating


I'm having problem with updating slaves after making changes on master. After I type manually on the master server: # pdns_control notify-host domain host then of course, it's get updated.

After updating master slave, there should be probably some setting/option to notify all slaves that there is some update OR on slave I must set something to contact master and ask him "Hey, does domain XY have some changes?

We can even check DNS rescords without mentioning its IP address in /etc/

Client requests first DNS server for resolution in case it resolve its good otherwise it request second one and so on further till it resolve or all mention DNS fails to resolve query.

On , Aki Tuomi wrote: I've recently debugged even more this scenario and it seems like I'm unable to find solution.

Installation of Bind packages on Cent OS7 with below command.

" Nothing in firewall is blocking connections between this two servers when it comes to powerdns.

I've attached both pdns confs from master/slave, maybe that can help.

In this case, powerdns sets serial to highest change_date.

Aki _______________________________________________ Pdns-users mailing list [hidden email] Where exactly can I see/find this autoserial setting?

_______________________________________________ Pdns-users mailing list [hidden email] on the master server: Did you remember to update your SOA record serial to larger number as well?

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