Are demi and joe still dating 2016

It’s inspirational to see how many people love the star.

She is definitely a commodity high in demand, in 2009, shortly after her breakup, Demi got involved with Miley Cyrus brother.

It makes for an awkward situation but sources claim that it actually wasn’t.

Her longest relationship by far was the one she had with Wilmer Valderrama.

From her teens till date, Demi, like most people out there was involved in a relationship here and there. During her Disney days, the star dated her fellow Disney star, Cody Linely.By 2010 Demi was ready to move on, she had previously met the Jonas brothers on the set of the Disney Channel movie Camp Rock in 2007.The couple dated briefly up until when Joe ended it but still wanted to remain friends, and remain friends they did.the 26-year-old participated in the show's 'Plead the Fifth' segment, in which he had to answer questions about his ex-flames, including Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato and Gigi Hadidon who he would be most likely to marry, have a one-time fling with and kill, forcing Joe to pick a girl for each category.CLICK TO VIEW GALLERY in 2007, saying: "I'll marry Demi, she's a friend." He then went on to clarify that this was just a game, then said he would have a one-time thing with Taylor, who he dated for four months in 2008 until the singer broke up with her over a phone call, which the Joe and Demi remain good friends after dating He concluded that he would "kill Gigi," his supermodel ex-girlfriend.They stated that they realized that they were far better off as friends.

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