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Adverse selection occurs when policyholders misrepresent themselves during the underwriting process.These misrepresentations cause a ripple effect that influences the insurance company's profits as well as its other policyholders.The risk measurements made by insurance companies are based on the information received from policyholders.Making insurance available to diverse groups of people with varying risk factors prompts those who carry the greatest risk to buy into an insurance plan, according to Money Terms, a financial management resource site.However, by increasing premiums for high-risk policyholders, the company has more money with which to pay those benefits.For example, a life insurance company charges higher premiums for race car drivers.An example of this is how auto insurers tend to charge higher premium rates for certain types of drivers or certain models of vehicles.

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In the case of pricing measures taken, insurers can charge higher premium rates based on statistical information, according to Money Terms.According to Health Insurance Info, the unexpected claims payout that results from adverse selections requires insurance companies to raise premium rates across the board.This prompts many low-risk policyholders to drop their coverage, which in turn leads to another premium rate hike to make up for loss of policyholders.If an insurance company has no knowledge of existing risk factors within a certain group of policyholders, the company ends up paying out more in claims than expected.This group of policyholders results from a process called adverse selection where a particular policy or plan attracts a certain type of policyholder.For example, life insurance companies go through underwriting when evaluating whether to give an applicant a policy and what premium to charge.

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