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Or should I just enjoy the routine stuff for a while and then let loose later?

I would say take it slow, while I know men don't take most hints well, I think this is 1 place where you can give him a few hints and he might actually get it.

Thousands of clever singles have already started online dating by joining Smooch for free, so don’t get left behind!If he claims he has never tried certain things,ask if he is willing to be open minded about it.Either way,if he cares about you,he will not be turned off by you sexual preferences.In fact,he might just surprise you and be very turned on by your freaky side!LOLOL I love these forums, they always give me such a good chuckle....He may even have a few tricks of his own to show you! I like to know up front if we will be sexually compatible before chatting too long.

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