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She probably had cataract surgery as an infant or child, in which her natural lenses were removed and their focusing power replaced by the glasses.Sometimes the cataracts are not removed soon enough after birth, and the brain's visual cortex doesn't fully develop.In one video she shows a view from a railway platform.A black shadow then moves in from the right and the whole view goes extremely blurred.This is a common reason for less than perfect acuity in these situations.She is also at higher risk for glaucoma, which can reduce vision as well.Conce , NJ Thanks a lot for explaining, I find your information very interesting.Coul it also be that such strong lenses Will magnify the surroundings for the person?

They're challenging, but useful for short duration reading.

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_nc_cat=0&oh=01911420b2fdcb5079541c336027bff1&oe=5BDDC320 _nc_cat=0&oh=2bdaded79b73cdbb201c36c193846d44&oe=5BD28F94 _nc_cat=0&oh=8655f1a9cd5aaa1253f8c46b76b6a0ef&oe=5BD4567A Arndt , RE: Chris , Re "strong glasses" She is blind in her right eye and with her left eye she sees a bit blurry even with glasses and misses the top part, as you can see on the picture of the railway platform.

Her right eye is much smaller than her left and turns in quite a bit.

I don't know if she has any vision at all in that eye or whether the strong right lens in her glasses is helping at all or just for cosmetic purposes to match her left lens.

You are such a douche, and even WORSE than the imposters here. Soundmanpt , Eyestein I wonder what her corrected vision is with contacts compared to glasses. Her large contact lenses are easily visible in these two pictures.

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