1st anniversary dating gifts for him austria online dating

Are there any local concerts or shows he might be interested in checking out?

Or perhaps there's a special-interest museum close by that has his name written all over it.

Most users finish their Heartfelt Book in less than an hour, but you can work at your own pace from any device.

You don’t pay until you have previewed your book online and are ready to purchase. He won’t believe you came up with something so creative!

If you prefer a sweet gesture instead of a material gift, I'd suggest waking up a bit early on the day you're heading out.

Whip up a batch of his favorite AM yummies and surprise him with breakfast in bed.

It could be something he's been meaning to pick up for himself or a new book you think he'll love.You could also place a surprise phone order with a restaurant in the area you're staying in. Is it hard to surprise your dude when you live together? You two can pick up the order on your way to your hotel/cabin/lakehouse and then enjoy a romantic (and tasty! Also, it could be fun to surprise your boyfriend with a cool activity once you arrive. My husband was just so blown away by his book..it was the best gift ever. Even if your guy isn’t a big reader, he will love reading the custom Heartfelt Book you created just for him. Because you took the time to write down the special memories and qualities that you love about him.It was so much fun writing the book but we had the best time reminiscing as he read it. Unlike text messages that are so temporary, he will be able to read his Heartfelt Book any time he needs to be encouraged by you.Looking for a creative first anniversary gift for him?

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