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I believe that in the future our relations can be more serious than only friendly. It is a good start for us and I will do all my best not to disappoint you. It is my last year and I will be an economist in the future and also now I work as a waitresses, cause it is very difficult for my mother to pay for the education! I hope that you will like my pictures and one day we will be able to go to the theatre together! It was very hard for me as I have to organize everything, my mother were not able to do this. I think that you have already understand my village is small, so the same people every day and nothing new! Sometimes we have the possibility to make picnics, I like this moments very much! I like just lay on the sofa and spend time with my friends! I think it will be interesting for you to hear this story! Of course I wasn't a winner but I had a great time! I will do all my best to make you as happy as I can! I think that you remember her as I have already told a lot about our friendship. I liked him very much but unfortunately he lives in other country so we can't see each other very often! I even don't know how to say you, it is very difficult for me!So I think it is time to tell you some things about me... my mother told me that I was like a gift from the sky as my parents were waiting for me very long! My mother was almost fourty when I was born, but she was very happy. But of course I want to work in the future as an economist, this is my dream and I'll achieve it. Of course we don't have the possibility to organize them very often! This picture was made on my school leaving party and I am very proud of it! I have already told you that I use the interpreter service and for me it is rather expensive.I believe that it can be our fist step in the future! I am serious with my plans and I think that it will be interesting for you to know more about me, my life and my family! I have to study and to work as you have already understand. My dear , I don't know what do do but you are very important for me. For any additional information, please contact us, we will be glad to help you.Buy the way I attached some of my pictures to this letter! Looking forward to our further collaboration, Sincerely Yours, Principal Varvara Kovalenko East-European Language Studio Money letter - ast-European Language Studio 91000, Sovetskaya Street, 15/75, Lugansk.I was informed that my parents passed away many years ago. I do not remember them but I am sure that they were good people. I was a little girl and I could not understand why I have to live in another place. Then I was informed that my parents had to go to another country.I know that my mother's name was Irina and father's name was Misha.

- translation quality control; - solution to extraordinary tasks; - consultation of clients; -CONFIDENTIALITY -additional services (language courses, gifts delivery) Low prices Low prices for translation are due to large investments in up-to-date technologies and systematized work experience of the Studio’s employees.The pictures used are of ex - WAG and ex - Miss UK Danielle Lloyd, who caused a storm in BB and was on the front page of ever UK paper for ages, then page 3 for the rest of the time, so it was a bad choice using her! And also I want to tell you thanks for telling me more about your life and you!'Her' site profile picture was stolen from the Channel 4 TV web site, two of her other pictures were originally from 'Hello' magazine, but might have been stolen from her 'My Space' site. I want to tell that it was very interesting to read all this things and I am sure that this will help us to become more closer! This year I don't have such possibility to go there but of course I think it will be great!My name is Anna, I was born on the 17th of August in 1979. So if you like to know more about myself you can see that my personality as romantic, compassionate, sensitive, social, faithful, honest and free person, I am open minded and respect others in their ideas and desires, I love simple nature and hate complex or complicated things cause I am very simple in something.I cannot tell you more about my family because my childhood I spent in children's home in Vinnitsa.Effectiveness The main priorities of the East-European Language Studio Service are effective work with clients and particular specialization.

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